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Planning and communication are the keys to a successful office move. When relocating an office, it’s essential to have a relocation strategy in place from the start, and you need to think of the best way to handle every step of the process. Without a documented strategy, you will waste time, energy and money. Read […]

Moving across the country can be an intimidating process. Whether you are transferring current staff to a new branch or simply relocating to meet market demands, changing cities is a big move. Simple preparation can make a massive difference in the success of your move; start preparing today to avoid potential problems on the day […]

  The majority of electronic equipment is quite fragile and requires considerable care during the moving process. Electronic Equipment is not only extremely valuable it is also integral to business functions. This means any damage to electronic or computer equipment doesn’t only cost the value of replacing the particular items damaged, but can also entail […]

The physical location of any business may play an integral role in its ultimate success. Almost every introductory marketing course will introduce you to the concept of the “four P’s”. The fourth of the four P’s is “Place”. Place is usually thought of as how the end user accesses the product, including concerns over the […]

When a commercial enterprise is changing their physical location, a moving letter is essential to serve as official notice to any customers, partners, vendors, or anyone else who interacts with your company. Planning, writing, and distributing a compelling business relocation letter can help the transition to a new business location go as smoothly as possible. […]

Business Relocations Bank of New Zealand Service Business Relocations continues to expand! Services expanded into Wellington to serve the Bank of New Zealand. BNZ has exclusively entrusted Business Relocations for all of their relocation and storage needs. On behalf of BNZ, Business Relocations have developed an incredible bespoke service to meet their needs. They have […]