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Start your planning early! Once you start considering the jobs that need to be completed to make the office move run without a hiccup, then there will likely be considerably more to do than you initially realised. Create a Timeline The first step we recommend doing to make moving your business go as smoothly as […]

The physical location of any business may play an integral role in its ultimate success. Almost every introductory marketing course will introduce you to the concept of the “four P’s”. The fourth of the four P’s is “Place”. Place is usually thought of as how the end user accesses the product, including concerns over the […]

When a commercial enterprise is changing their physical location, a moving letter is essential to serve as official notice to any customers, partners, vendors, or anyone else who interacts with your company. Planning, writing, and distributing a compelling business relocation letter can help the transition to a new business location go as smoothly as possible. […]

Business Relocations Bank of New Zealand Service Business Relocations continues to expand! Services expanded into Wellington to serve the Bank of New Zealand. BNZ has exclusively entrusted Business Relocations for all of their relocation and storage needs. On behalf of BNZ, Business Relocations have developed an incredible bespoke service to meet their needs. They have […]

Workforce Requirements Every workforce operates differently meaning the ideal office setup for maximal productivity and comfort will vary dependent on the specifics of your company. You should likely think about having a range of office spaces for different roles performed within a company. For example, accounts may want a slightly more peaceful office environment than […]

There are multiple measures a company can take to establish a friendly corporate culture. One that inspires employees to dedicate their best efforts to the job. Some approaches are more overt than others and others subtly hold an impact on staff such as providing staff a sense of security. Working in an ethical environment establishes […]

It is a notoriously difficult task to achieve a working environment that suits everyone. Factors such as privacy, temperature, noise and colour in an office space can affect different individuals productivity in different ways. Fortunately, by stepping back and looking at the basics of human nature and interaction, we can identify small changes in office […]

How to successfully organise your business move Moving offices can be a daunting task, especially if you are moving to an unfamiliar neighbourhood, city or even country. Preparing to move a business can be a lot more complicated than preparing to move a house, it is essential to be organised and have a plan of […]

6 Reasons Why Using Relocation Professionals Can Save Your Business Time AND Money. It can be quite a daunting task to move your business to new premises. The logistics of the move, the cost of hiring vehicles and the time taken out of your working week to make the move are all things that need […]

Moving Offices? Relocate Your Digital Assets Safely with the Office Moving Specialists Modern-day businesses rely heavily on digital data and records, with technology increasingly being integrated into even the most routine of tasks. Computers, peripherals, servers, and other digital assets are critical towards organizational function and efficiency. The biggest disaster that can hit you as a […]