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With every year comes new trends to incorporate into your office design. However, 2019 is a special year in that it does not really entail “trends” but major shifts in the way we see office design. New values and beliefs are being incorporated into 2019 office designs, and they’re here to stay for good. Experience-driven […]

A clear sign that your business is thriving is when you’ve outgrown your space. This makes relocating a really exciting milestone for any business, allowing you to provide better opportunities to your team and offer even better service to your customers and clients. However, one challenge faced by rapidly growing businesses is the question of […]

Everyone who has experienced an office relocation knows it’s a stressful task and that it’s better left to moving companies who are better equipped to handle everything. In this article we mention a few benefits of hiring a commercial moving company. Business movers offer you a hassle-free transition A business relocation company may have a […]

Moving offices is a major challenge for any business, presenting countless obstacles and headaches along the way. One of the biggest speed bumps faced by managers is how to maintain productivity amidst all the disruption. Thankfully, there are a number of things you can do before and during your move to ensure it goes as […]

So you’ve made the decision to relocate your business. Now you have a big challenge ahead – creating a floor plan for the new office. What should the new office space look like, and what furniture should we bring from our current office? The process of creating a floor plan involves taking measurements and drawing […]

Moving your business is a huge project that requires assistance. When hiring a mover, you want to make sure they are going to meet your needs and requirements. There are a few things you should do before contacting a moving company, and some questions you should ask them before letting them come to your office. […]