Top Tips for Relocating Commercial Warehouses

Moving warehouses is a major gig. Not only is it stressful having to relocate all inventory without causing any damage, but the financial and workload setback can be just as full on. You can lose days, maybe even weeks from your usual work routine, as your time is preoccupied with the big move. Take a look at the following tips to help ease the workload and ensure that your warehouse move is conducted in the most efficient and effective way possible.

Stocktake of Inventory

Conduct a stocktake of all inventory before you make the move. This will give you the opportunity to see what stock you are holding as well as how much room you will need to assign to particular stock in the new warehouse. It also is the perfect opportunity to cull anything that your business no longer needs.

Clean prior to moving

Warehouses can tend to be on the dirtier and dustier side, so who wants to move into an area that has not be cleaned before-hand? Give the new warehouse a good clean prior to your move day so that you can start fresh, whilst ensuring that your stock stays clean and damage free.

Assess your layout and Plan

Complete a full assessment of your new space. Once you have your updated stock inventory on hand, plan out the space so that every item / category has a designated area that has been documented down for future reference. Not only will this make your moving experience run more smoothly but it will also make it easier down the track when you are looking for particular items. It will also avoid double handling on the moving day as your business movers will be able to offload everything in its correct location rather than placing it in a communal area which results in it having to be moved again.

Review Warehouse Permits

A new warehouse location usually equates to new permits and regulations. Familiarise yourself with these prior to moving in to avoid any negative repercussions.

Plan the move in stages

Most warehouse relocations involve moving an office, inventory and furniture / warehouse structures / machinery. Break the move down into sections to ensure everything is completed safely and in the most efficient order. If you rely on machinery to move your stock, you wouldn’t want to move the stock before moving the machinery right? Create a documented strategy that includes a timeline of when your items are moving. This will allow you to stay accountable as you can monitor the move as you go and make any changes along the way if need be.


Make all structural changes prior to moving in. It will allow the area to stay clean and in order once officially moved in. Furthermore, ensure that you have the right fit out for the area and for your requirements. There is nothing worse than spending a large chunk of money and time moving warehouses, to realise 6 months down the track that your shelving isn’t suitable for your needs. Get it right from the start.

Cost analysis

Create a detailed cost analysis of the move prior to making the first step. This will eliminate the possibility of unexpected costs and will give you the opportunity to make any changes beforehand if you can see the budget escalating.

Helping Hands

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