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Everyone who has experienced an office relocation knows it’s a stressful task and that it’s better left to moving companies who are better equipped to handle everything. In this article we mention a few benefits of hiring a commercial moving company. Business movers offer you a hassle-free transition A business relocation company may have a […]

So you’ve made the decision to relocate your business. Now you have a big challenge ahead – creating a floor plan for the new office. What should the new office space look like, and what furniture should we bring from our current office? The process of creating a floor plan involves taking measurements and drawing […]

Not all office relocations are to a new city. Often, a major part in the life cycle of a successful small to medium-sized enterprise will be an expansion of the staff, and your small cramped office might not suffice for a burgeoning cohort of employees. The logical move is to a new bigger office in […]

  Depending on the type of company that you’re operating, you will have very different needs from your office space. Not only are certain job descriptions best suited to specific office environments, but there is a huge range of additional factors to consider when choosing an office that will set up your company for long-term […]

Planning and communication are the keys to a successful office move. When relocating an office, it’s essential to have a relocation strategy in place from the start, and you need to think of the best way to handle every step of the process. Without a documented strategy, you will waste time, energy and money. Read […]

  So you have decided to relocate and you know you want an open-plan office, but which layout will you use? The layout of an office is very important and can have a direct impact on how well your employees work so it is important to get it right. Read this article to learn about […]

Moving across the country can be an intimidating process. Whether you are transferring current staff to a new branch or simply relocating to meet market demands, changing cities is a big move. Simple preparation can make a massive difference in the success of your move; start preparing today to avoid potential problems on the day […]

  The majority of electronic equipment is quite fragile and requires considerable care during the moving process. Electronic Equipment is not only extremely valuable it is also integral to business functions. This means any damage to electronic or computer equipment doesn’t only cost the value of replacing the particular items damaged, but can also entail […]