6 Tips for Relocating Your Office on a Budget

Relocating your office can be one of the biggest expenses a business owner could ever incur. Aside from the cost of kitting out your new office, there are a huge amount of expenses involved in the actual move itself. So how can you ensure you complete the move without breaking the bank?

Get rid of things you don’t need

Before you begin the massive task of packing up, try decluttering first. Think about it – why spend money relocating old things you don’t even need anymore? This is the perfect time to get rid of any shabby furniture, outdated technology or just random bits and bobs that won’t work in your new office.
If you have any outdated equipment that is still in working condition, you could even try selling them to pad out your budget for the move. Electronics, furniture and decor could bring in the big bucks, even if listed on sites like Gumtree.

Reconsider services

Moving offices is also a great opportunity to reconsider what services you’re paying for, and whether you actually need them. For example, are you currently paying someone to come in and water the plants when your employees are actually happy to take turns doing so? Are you paying an exorbitant amount for snacks when a local supplier could give you a better deal? Just like decluttering your equipment, moving is a great time to get rid of or replace certain services which have been draining your wallet this whole time.

Compare quotes

Planning for your move well ahead of time will help you get the best deal possible. Take your time comparing quotes from various movers to see who offers the most value for money. When you do find a quote you’re happy with, make sure to get it in writing and know exactly what it will entail. This will prevent any last-minute bill shock or any unscrupulous behaviour by the mover. However, remember that the cheapest quote isn’t always the best one – you still need to factor in things like experience and qualifications into your decision, and there’s no point getting a cheap mover if you can’t rely on them!

Look into insurance

When you’re trusting someone with all the equipment that makes your business run, you want to make sure you’ll be protected if anything goes wrong on the move. Accidents and mistakes can always happen, and you want to be sure you’ll be covered if any of your property is damaged. If you’re moving out of a shared space, you especially want to make sure your movers have insurance, as you do not want to be liable to any damage that may happen to any other party’s property.

Take care of your electronics

Cables and computers are some of the most vulnerable pieces of equipment when moving. Replacing or repairing any damage to these items is likely to set you back a considerable amount, so it’s well worth taking care of your electronics on the move. Listen to the advice of your movers when it comes to how best to package your electronics, as computers and printers in particular need special packaging. Cables must also be protected from fraying and ripping, so try popping them all in zipper bags to prevent damage.

Notify relevant parties of your move

One out-of-the-box way to save money on your office move is to be diligent with changing your business address with the post office, bank, creditors, suppliers and more. This ensures you will still be able to bill clients properly, that you’re not missing any bills you need to pay, and that your supplies don’t go missing (thereby wasting your money). Updating all your contact information online also ensures that new clients keep finding you, which keeps that income flowing in.

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