Business Relocations, formally known as RBL has been in the Auckland landscape since 2001, since then it has carved a real name for itself as one of New Zealand’s few, true Business relocation Companies, specialising in office, warehouse and Library relocations.

Business Relocations can offer a full-service relocation package including disposing of old furniture as ethically and efficiently as possible, or even repurposing it for you.

We can clean your existing business premises once you have vacated your new site too, should you require it.

If you have a problem, we have a solution, because we have in-depth expertise that comes from experience and the right partnerships.

Here are a few of the frequently asked questions we get asked – however, if you have any other questions or concerns, please contact us on 0800 800 247 or at info@businessrelocations.co.nz

What virus safety measures are in place for BRL staff and BRL Customers?

All trucks are equipped with sanitiser bottles and sprays. The trucks are cleaned with sanitising spray morning and night. Staff have the option for wearing gloves and masks if they wish to, or at our client’s request. Our full safety Guide for staff and clients designed for COVID-19 can found by clicking here.

Can you move our photocopier/ printers?

Yes we can, however, it may pay to check with your copier provider if it is leased or in a service contract as they usually want to look after any of the moving so that you don’t jeopardise your contract or any associated warranties applicable to the copier.

Will you unplug our phones and computers?

Yes, we can unplug and reconnect, however, please talk to your IT provider as sometimes they prefer to relocate it all, or at least reconnect it so phones and computers can be installed and tested prior to staff starting work.

How do you want us to label our goods so we know whose is whose stuff at the new place?

We have an effective labelling system that our BRL Move Manager will coordinate with you to avoid any confusion at delivery and set up at the new location.

Can we have the move done after hours to minimise the disruption to our work schedule?

Yes, we can depending on the overall scope of the relocation.  Sometimes it works well to carry out the relocation over a weekend or after hours during the week.  Meeting your ideal timeframe requirements is always our goal and we work closely with you at the planning stage to ensure a workable plan is formulated.  You are the customer, and we are here to provide the best solution possible for you.

How much does it cost to move my business?

Every move is different, depending on your expectations, the volume you have, the access, how far you are moving, if you need storage, if furniture needs disassembly, if your staff will self pack your archives and storeroom etc. There are so many scenarios to consider, and we have many cost effective, safe and reliable options. We recommend you call us to discuss your options and requirements. Ultimately, if you chose a Fixed price quote, these are all based on our estimated time, distance, and materials we have calculated for your move.

We also offer Hourly rate options which, with our, work fit and honest team this option can be very cost effective if you are nicely organised and/or wish to chip in with the “hard yards” on the day.

How can I get a quote for my removal?

You have various options for getting a price for your move:

  • Sending us a list of what you need moved to info@businessrelocations.co.nz
  • Calling and discussing your move with one of our sales team by phoning 0800 800247
  • Doing a video survey with one of our experienced consultants
  • Booking for one of our highly experienced consultants to visit your business and do a free cost and moving plan for you
What areas do Business Relocations Service?

We can move you to or from anywhere in New Zealand or around the world. We have our own branches and warehouses in Auckland, Christchurch, and Wellington. From these branches we manage many corporate clients and their national stored Assets and distribution needs.

We also have partners all over the world who we engage for moving to or from New Zealand. We meet with our partners annually at two separate conventions. One convention in the USA each October and one in Asia earlier in the year.

How much does it cost to move my office?

This is all dependant on numbers being moved and what is being moved. If everything is moving in a larger office you could be looking at $165 per person overall – maybe if it is only their computer, a box per person and a storage area – it could be just $60 per person. These rates are very fluid as there are many factors to be considered.

How much does it cost to move my warehouse?

This will depend on the volume to be moved, if we need to pack smaller parts bins, if we are relocating the scaffold etc. If we are moving from one racked site to another racked site – the cost could be $10 per pallet including us providing fork hoists at both ends, however again, this is a very fluid figure depending on many factors.

Does Business Relocations move Libraries?

Yes, we do – we do a lot of libraries with our specialist equipment, mobile library trolleys and proven techniques that mean less downtime and sequential orders are not disrupted.

Our specialist tools can often allow us to move entire shelving rows in one movement whilst still full so re-carpeting can take place.

When do I have to Pay for my removal?

We ask that you pay a 50% deposit at the time of booking your removal and then the total invoice two days prior to the move. We must have cleared funds before we execute your removal. If we are moving you on an hourly rate we will discuss options for you based on your move.

Can I pay by Credit Card?

Yes you can, we take Visa, Mastercard and American Express. These companies do take a commission from us, so that must be passed on as the margins we work on are not great enough to absorb those as well. The commission rate is generally 2.5% on Visa and Mastercard with American Express @3.5%. We do not take other cards e.g. Bartercard or Q card.

How long will it take to do my move?

Once we have discussed and explored your needs with our consultant and they have a clear understanding of volume, access details, distance and if any packing is required, we will be able to give you a clearer indication and a plan of the times we expect to take for the different stages of your move. Please do appreciate however, that traffic and weather conditions, volumes and move requirements are different from customer to customer. Any indication of the time required will be our best estimate with the information provided and does not form a guarantee.

How quickly can I move? how much notice do we require?

We can move you on the same day if it is urgent, and sometimes we do. However, for best results we like to have as much notice as possible so we can consult with you and plan our staff, truck and resources accordingly and efficiently.

Some will give us 12 months’ notice, others a couple of days – we prefer at least two weeks, so our clients are not disappointed if we are completely Booked out. When we are full, we are full. We will not dilute our great service or risk our great reputation by hiring labour hire.

What makes Business Relocations Staff so special?

All our team leaders are on full time contracts and have been with us for up to 25 years. We care about them, and we pay them ethically, well above their peers from other companies. Most of our relocation crew who work under the team leaders are regular employees also. If larger projects require more “arms and legs” – we have long standing contracts with qualified labour hire companies to provide fit, active and police checked assistants.

Can I trust the men, will they be careful with my precious things?

We do not have theft issues at Business Relocations, which, can be prevalent in our industry. We also have very few damages, because our guys are cared for, they care, and are work fit and are trained.

Are your staff police checked?

Ye,s all our staff are police checked and their licences are monitored by Driver Check NZ

What size truck will I need for my office and warehouse move?

This again, depends on the nature of your move and the access at each of the addresses you are moving to and from. If you have a large office, a large truck might sound logical, however, maybe one of the driveways is not wide enough, or the carpark is not suitable for a large truck.

Often using smaller trucks, doing rapid “deck stacking” only, and doing multiple trips is more efficient if the new facility is nearby.

We can discuss and plan for all this when we understand more about your move.

Do you offer full or part packing options?

Yes, all of our staff are trained to pack anything in your business, from kitchens to pallet racked small parts. Often, we will pack everything for our clients so they can concentrate on their jobs or the other jobs that need to be done for the removal.

Other times we may just pack the hard areas like the kitchen and archive areas, while the clients pack their own desks in crates or boxes we provide.

Can we buy cartons and packing materials from you?

Yes, we have a wide range of professional quality packing materials and cartons that we are happy to sell and deliver to you at very reasonable price, often cheaper than most. We also have a Eco crate option that is very popular. These crates are usually delivered a week before the office move and collected a week after the move.

Will you use our cartons or the original appliance materials?

Yes, if the materials are suitable for the job, we are happy to use them. We are also happy to use original cartons etc for things like computer monitors, microwaves, and TVs – no problem.

Will Business Relocations Move our office if we pack everything ourselves with our own cartons?

Yes, of course. However, please ensure you use suitable cartons so that our team are not held up or put at physical risk. e.g. please do not use huge cartons and fill them with books that would risk a back injury. Do not use hundreds and hundreds of very small cartons either, so our teams are doing too many trips – this becomes uneconomic.

You are best to use good strong boxes that are specifically designed for moving. Please ensure all boxes are filled right to the top and are taped closed = this will retain the boxes integrity and strength so we can stack them up in our trucks without crushing the contents.

Will Business Relocations disassemble and reassemble furniture & desking etc?

We have a specialist crew and carpenters who are trained to do any desk. If you have a very technical item that needs extensive kit setting or special tools, please discuss this with one of our consultants so we can plan for it. We do have handymen on hand for more difficult items and hanging pictures or screens. Please note: Handymen may come at an extra charge if the items are particularly technical.

Do all mobile desk drawers need to be emptied?

No we can move them as they are.

What happens if I cannot move into my new office on the same day as our office is packed up?

This is very common and not a problem as we have plenty of area to store your goods if required. We can load the truck one day, hold it overnight in our warehouse, then deliver it at an agreed time on another day that suits your plans. We are here to make plans to suit you – nothing is impossible.

What will you do at our new office?

Our team will place the furniture and cartons as per the prepared plan you have created for your new office layout. We have a labelling system that our staff work to, to ensure everything is as you envisioned it. At the end of unpacking the team leader will walk around your new office with you to ensure you are happy with all the placement. If, once in the new office some of the layout is not practically ideal and could be better placed, our team will be happy to move items into a different arrangement for you. Respectfully, they will not have time to repeatedly rearrange and if major changes are made a small extra charge may apply.

Will the crew unpack for me?

Yes, we can if you wish, this is an optional extra. We have an amazing team who can set up the whole office or warehouse for you, or they can work with you to speed up your new facility or office set up

Will you take all the paper and cartons away?

Yes, we can collect the removal related materials free of charge. Please flatten the cartons or stack crates and keep everything dry. If general rubbish is added amongst the materials, a tipping and transport charge may apply.

What storage options do Business Relocations have?

We have lots of different options for storage.

If you do wish to store with us for a day, a week or for years, you can. We can make the whole process seamless. Our facilities are modern, secure, have monitored alarms and have camera surveillance.

Can Business Relocations manage our storage and distribution?

We have a unique web based, picture inventory that is a “game change” for any Stored Asset Management Program. This is popular for larger corporates that have point of sale equipment or office furniture that needs short- or long-term storage. Often these items are ordered for delivery to and from branches daily. Selected people within the company can log into their personal account and see what they have in stock, negating the mistake of ordering a new item from a supplier unnecessarily. Previously corporates risked having no idea what they owned in storage or if the goods in storage were of any future need or worth to them. With our system all that risk is removed, enabling their stored goods to be regularly reviewed and accurately assessed for its relevance. In some cases, we have saved clients tens of thousands of dollars per year.

Can Business Relocations dispose of old unwanted furniture?

Yes, and we have many options for disposing.  Business Relocations is very proud to have developed very successful partnerships and contacts where we are able to repurpose most items so they do not all end up in landfill.

What items are not allowed to be stored?

Flammable items such as fuels and oil-based paints, gas bottles, indoor plants any opened food.

Will the crew remove their shoes?

Due to Health and Safety laws we are not permitted to remove our shoes, however, our team will lay down floor protectors in an attempt not to dirty the floor.

Do we need to empty the office fridge?

Yes, as fridges are large, heavy and bulky so having food in them also will make lifting extremely difficult and risky. We can do this for you if required.

Do we need to be there while they are packing and loading?

It is recommended that you or someone who can make decisions is there while we pack up and move, just in case an issue arises. We are trusted by corporates at times to do full pack, move, unload and set ups for their busy employees, however, you having a representative there is the preferred option.

Do you need us to save a parking area for the truck?

Yes please – this should be discussed with our consultant for the best area for our truck to park. Pricing is based on our team having good, clear access with a short walk. If a long walk, or difficult access is not discussed and preapproved in our costs, extra charges may apply. If we have surveyed your move and have identified that a parking permit is required, we can organise this on your behalf.

What happens if something gets damaged during my move – am I insured?

Because of our great experienced and caring team we have very few damages, however, mistakes can happen and the risks are multiplied significantly when you move office. All goods are moved at owners risk. However, we can offer you different levels of insurance, full cover “Accidental Loss” for all dents and scratches etc or a less comprehensive “Limited Cover” that will cover you if everything is lost due to the truck or container overturning. Please click here for our insurance FAQs or contact your consultant for further clarification.

Are there any ‘hidden fees’ (key exchange/bad access)

We do our best with all the information we get from you to include all costs associated with your move. Anything that is included or excluded will be clearly spelt out in your quote. There are some scenarios where additional charges are unavoidable due to events entirely beyond our control, such as key “hold ups” during a building sale, or bad access where our truck cannot fit close to the Building or in the carpark. These events have not been budgeted for during the calculation of your office move cost. Our consultant will provide you with an inventory list of items that we have quoted to move, anything more than that may be charged for unless you have elected to move using our hourly rate option. If you intend on disposing of furniture before the move, but do not for any reason, please notify your consultant so we can plan accordingly.