How to Prepare Your Business to Move to a New City

Moving across the country can be an intimidating process. Whether you are transferring current staff to a new branch or simply relocating to meet market demands, changing cities is a big move. Simple preparation can make a massive difference in the success of your move; start preparing today to avoid potential problems on the day of your move.

Visit The City For a Tour

Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch are all very different cities with different histories. Take out some time before your big move to bring employees to this new city so they can get an idea of where they will be living and working. If you haven’t chosen an exact location, visiting the city in person can help you choose the best location for your business. Use this time for team-building activities and an opportunity to refresh your employees on your mission and goals for the upcoming city.

Provide Employees with Resources and Information About The Move

Your employees will have many questions about the move and what they can expect when they move to a new city. If you can reduce the stress on each individual employee by helping them move, then you improve the overall morale of your business. Consider providing resources that address issues like:

  • Driver’s license and other registration changes
  • Education options for children
  • Neighbourhoods and housing options
  • Public transportation


If employees are staying behind in your current city, be sure to offer them gratitude and any resources they will need to keep the business running during the transition. Even if business is operating as normal in your current city, losing employees or expanding your business can affect the overall morale or productivity of the office.

Learn What The City Has To Offer Financially

Business incentives and overall operation costs may already have had a hand in the decision to move your business. Wellington, for example, offers incentives for businesses that want to move to the city form other places in New Zealand. Explore what your new city has to offer your business and your employees before it’s too late.

Assess Your Current Assets

Even with professional business relocators, having more possessions amps up the stress of the move. Before you start packing, take a look around your office and assess what you will need for your new city. Ask yourself what items truly provide value to your company and what you can leave behind. A new city really offers your business to reassess the direction of your company and this reassessment can include every last item in the office.

Reach Out to Professionals In Your New City

Get a local’s perspective before you move. Network with professionals around the area and get insider tips about what it’s like to work and live in the new city. Set up networking events or meetups when you take your staff to the new city.

Communicate With Current and New Customers

Moving cities can put your business out of touch for a few days. Don’t miss out on sales or opportunities by leaving your customers or leads in the dark. Use this guide to writing a business relocation letter that effectively tells customers, clients and partners about your move and how they can access your business during the transition.


Just as you assessed the value of each item in your office, assess and maximise your connections as you move cities. If you are leaving some customers behind, use this time to say goodbye and ask for testimonials and reviews of your business. Customers or partners may be able to connect your business to people in your new city, so make sure you notify your network about the move and follow up about any potential opportunities once you move.

Hire Relocation Professionals

Business relocations require more than just a few boxes and a truck. Each item that is packed and shipped is an investment in your business. Leave the packing, moving, and unpacking to trained professionals who will protect every asset as you transition to a new city.

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