Why you should use always specialist office movers to handle your technology.


The majority of electronic equipment is quite fragile and requires considerable care during the moving process. Electronic Equipment is not only extremely valuable it is also integral to business functions. This means any damage to electronic or computer equipment doesn’t only cost the value of replacing the particular items damaged, but can also entail significant disruption to productivity during the time taken to replace items.


Trained Packers means careful Safe Packaging of valuables

Business Relocations go above and beyond to ensure the safety of your equipment during the moving process. We have an extensive range of specialist equipment for the entire array of electronic equipment including; pre-molded computer bags, static resistant material, “tough wrap” and bubble wrapping.



Moving Server and Mainframe Units
Moving internal Servers and mainframes is an incredibly challenging and sensitive operation. Some internal servers hold mountains of secure information that has to be protected. Most servers require a continuous power supply in order to retain the integrity of their stored data. Of course, this dramatically complicates the logistics of having to move their location. You should always use a professional team to carry out this process.



Hiring a professional moving team will get your company set up and ready to operate in a considerably faster time frame.

The unplugging and packing up of workstations is the simple part. Re-assembling everything at the other end can be a daunting task, especially if you haven’t organized the packing in such a way as to efficiently place items that work together in the same places.


Commercial moving companies have vast experience in moving large offices and we understand the importance of your new environment working well form from the get go.
We disassemble everything and transfer it systematically so as to make it easier to assemble all equipment at the other end. Business Relocations can reassemble all types of workstations, including partitioning and shelving systems. We can follow strict floor layout plans. So you don’t have to worry about everything being set up how you want it in the new space. Don’t let a messy set up delay your business operations hire a professional office moving team to get your technology set up and operational from the day you move in.


Choose a Trusted Moving Company

Countless businesses have trusted Business Relocations with highly valuable technology and office equipment. Hear from some of these happy customers by reading some of BRL’s testimonials. We always endeavour to go the extra yards to make sure our customers are happy with the service they’ve been provided.


Moving office spaces can be an extremely stressful experience not only for your self but also your team. However, It’s also a time of excitement and an opportunity for a fresh beginning.

Our team of expert movers and packers will remove the stress of the moving process, and remove any worries you may have about potential damage to valuable technological equipment.

Business Relocations have been helping all kinds of commercial clients through the same process since 2001. With over 70 years of combined relocations management experience, we pride ourselves on the quality of service that we offer, getting your business functional again in the shortest time possible. To learn more about us and how we can help, get in touch either via our contact page or on: 0800 800 247

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