How to Organise your Team for a Successful Office Move.

Start your planning early!

Once you start considering the jobs that need to be completed to make the office move run without a hiccup, then there will likely be considerably more to do than you initially realised.

Create a Timeline

The first step we recommend doing to make moving your business go as smoothly as possible is creating a timeline of the moving process. This may simply be adding some key deadlines to your existing Google Calendar to ensure all of the necessary jobs get fulfilled.

If your company uses a planning system, it might be beneficial to allocate specific tasks to individuals in your office are aware of who is responsible for what actions and the critical date on the timeline.

You might wish to add regular meetings to the timeline in advance. Adding regular meetings to the timeline will ensure that all employees have an opportunity to be personally informed about the office move, and no one is left feeling like they weren’t given sufficient notice. Or worse were left in the dark until the final moments!

Ensure Utilities Are Set Up before the Move


Imagine arriving at your new office premises to discover there is no electricity, phone or Internet connection. In the modern technological age this would likely bring your entire business to a complete Halt. Business Relocations are the leading experts at getting a business from A to B. But we aren’t responsible for the running of your utilities. If it isn’t a given that your new location has the utilities you require, then you need to ensure someone is organizing this so it will be available in advance of your relocation date. We recommend speaking to your providers at minimum four weeks before move date. Even then you may wish to set an additional inspection of the new location and ensure that all utilities are working, as they should.With the ongoing rollout of Fiber Optics around New Zealand, there could always be unforeseen setbacks in the process.


Gather your Team


If you’re a small business with fewer than 20 employees coordinating your team will be considerably easier than for larger 100+ employee organisations. But that doesn’t mean it requires no preparation.

For Larger organisations, you will have to assign specific individuals management tasks. Most organisations will have identifiable team leaders that they can place in charge of coordinating their team and ensuring they get the essentials actions done on the right days. Such as when to remove all personal items from their current offices or when to clear their desk. If you have an organisational structure where certain employees handle their clients, it may be best for the client manager to inform their clients of the upcoming move.


Hire a Moving Company your team Can Rely on!


For some larger organizations if you can’t afford to hire a Relocation/moving team then you probably can’t afford to move. Period. Ensuring all of your valuable office equipment gets from one location to the other and is set up dismantled efficiently at one end and installed perfectly at the other is no easy feat for a team without experience. You businesses Technology has been likely been accumulated over time, with the inevitable upgrades to modern technology as older models become updated. This modern equipment isn’t only valuable to your business because of the high value of these individual items, but also, because of the amount of business-critical actions that are likely entirely reliant upon the technology.

Business Relocations have an extensive array of specialist equipment ideal for transporting technology while ensuring it remains in its current conditions. Business Relocations specialist equipment includes items like pre-moulded bags to fit common computer shapes and sizes, specialist computer trollies and Static resistance materials. When combined with the old faithful bubble wrap the risk of damages becomes nominal.


Office Moving Specialists

As always, feel free to get in touch with our office moving specialists for more insights and advice on how to approach your next office, commercial or business move.

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