Expert Specialist Moving Services for Hassle A Free Move

Business Relocations offers exceptional specialist moving services across both the North and South Islands of New Zealand.

Experience hassle-free relocations across the North and South Island with Business Relocations’ specialised services. Contact us for customised solutions beyond the list.

Office Moving Solutions

Comprehensive Office Relocations

Relocate your entire office setup seamlessly with our end-to-end office moving services. Our team handles every aspect, ensuring a smooth transition for your business.

Professional Packing Experts

Trust our experienced team for meticulous packing of your office belongings. From files to fragile items, we ensure safe and organised packing.

Commercial Moving Expertise

Careful Lab and Machinery Relocations

Our commercial moving expertise extends to relocating laboratories, heavy machinery, and specialty racking. We handle these complex items with precision and care.

Computer and Electronic Equipment Relocation

Secure Electronic Equipment Transfer

Rely on us for the secure transfer of electronic equipment, including servers and mainframes. Our proven methodologies and protective measures ensure a smooth move for your tech assets.

Move Management by Business Relocations

Expert Move Management

Let us take care of the entire move management process. From budget estimations and staff preparation to hazard identification and subcontractor coordination, we’ve got you covered.

Inventory Management & Storage Solutions

Efficient Inventory Management

Stay organised with our inventory management during the move. We track your assets meticulously, ensuring nothing gets misplaced.

Secure Storage for Excess Assets

Store excess assets securely with our specialised storage solutions. From workstations to valuable items, trust us to keep your assets safe.

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What is Move Management in Specialist Moving Services?

Every move will have a manager allocated. This is someone from our team who will oversee the entire relocation to ensure everything goes smoothly. Our Move Managers have years of experience in the industry so you’ll be in the best hands.

Why Should I Consider Professional Moving Services?

Moving can be a very stressful time, by using a professional moving company we’ll take a lot of the stress off of your plate. Your Move Manager will run through finer details of the move with you that could be otherwise forgotten, as well as that everything will be packed and moved by professionals so the relocation will be time efficient and your effects will be in experienced hands

How Do I Choose the Right Moving Services?

Talk to your Move Manager about what you’re wanting from your move. We can put a quote together for different options to ensure you chose the right package for you.