6 Reasons Why Using Relocation Professionals Can Save Your Business Time AND Money.

6 Reasons Why Using Relocation Professionals Can Save Your Business Time AND Money.

It can be quite a daunting task to move your business to new premises. The logistics of the move, the cost of hiring vehicles and the time taken out of your working week to make the move are all things that need to be considered. We have come up 6 reasons how hiring a professional relocation company to make your office move for you can save you both time and money!


1: Get your office up and running in the shortest time possible


If you face time constraints with your move or you just want to minimise the time that your office is out of action for then hiring professionals to make your move for you is a very sensible option. Friends, family and colleagues may be willing to help you with your move but using an unexperienced team can make your move take longer than it should and increase the risk of damage to your valuables. Using a professional team of movers means you can get your move completed within the shortest time possible, get back to work quickly and start bringing in the profits again with minimal disruption!


2: Be confident in the knowledge your goods are being handled with great care


A professional team of movers will have the training, equipment and knowledge in how to move your goods with the care needed to minimise the risk of damage during the move. Breakages to items such as computers can be an expensive inconvenience for your business, which is best avoided. Your products are usually insured with the removals company for the duration of the move, so if an accident did happen you can be safe in the knowledge that it wouldn’t cost you anything to replace.


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3: Avoid vehicle hire costs


Don’t spend hours searching the web for the cheapest local van hire option, a business relocation specialist will have their own truck which is suited to the size of the job. They will make sure they have a van that has a sufficient capacity to fit your items to minimise the amount of trips between your old location and your new location. This will save you time and money on what would otherwise have been extra hours of hire and petrol costs.


4: Save yourself hassle over parking restrictions


Especially if your new premises are located within a city centre environment, parking charges and restrictions during business hours can become a nightmare, causing unexpected costs and delays to your move if you cannot park where you wanted to. A local relocation specialist will be prepared and have the knowledge on what restrictions apply at what times of day, how to get the removals van in the closest possible location to your premises and keep your move on schedule without any unexpected set-backs.


5: Optimised routes though professional know-how of the locality


Professional movers are often locally based and very thorough with their local area checks in terms of restrictions and also in terms of route planning. They will know exactly what low-bridges to avoid, which detours to take to miss out one-way streets or narrow lanes, and how to optimise your route for efficiency and speed. Save yourself a research headache, especially if you are relocating to a new part of town or a new city, and let the professionals use their knowledge to save you time and money.


6: Free up your own time to take care of the important things


Let a professional business relocation specialist take care of the move organisation, care of your items and heavy lifting for you and you are free to carry on running your business in the mean time. Reply to clients, liaise with investors or update your stock lists in your free hours while your team of trusted professionals is doing the boring bit. Don’t let business opportunities go to waste, use your time wisely and you will have a hassle-free move!



Here at Business Relocations Ltd, we pride ourselves on our quality of service, looking after the commercial moving needs of New Zealand Businesses since 2001. With over 70 years of combined relocations management experience, be confident in the knowledge that you are hiring the best hands, minds and experts in the business. To discover more about our company and how we could help you with your next office move, get in touch with us today either online or over the phone on 09 630 7329.


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