Guide to writing a Business Relocation Letter

When a commercial enterprise is changing their physical location, a moving letter is essential to serve as official notice to any customers, partners, vendors, or anyone else who interacts with your company. Planning, writing, and distributing a compelling business relocation letter can help the transition to a new business location go as smoothly as possible.

Once you’ve decided upon a moving date, you ideally want to set an earlier date by which time you want to distribute your Relocation letter. If you’re simply moving around the block or to a very close proximity location, then it’s likely the amount of planning required is considerably less.

Think about who has to know that your business is moving?

For many companies with a marketing department building a mailing list should be reasonably easy, you may already have a database for your email marketing that contains a complete list of business contacts. However, it may still be worth segmenting this list, as you may not want to send them all the same email. You’ll want to send your most important contacts more personal emails to let them know. You should also consider which email address you should use to send these notices. Some notices may be best delivered via the company standard email address.

For some important contacts, you may want to notify them in person, by phone or even by a traditional handwritten letter rather than simply sending them the same standardized email.

Explain your reasons for moving Business Location

In your letter, you should always explain your reasons for moving to your customers or vendors. If your new location enables you to provide a better service to your customers, let them know! This makes it all the more likely they will follow you to the new location. Also always endeavour to thank customers for their past support, and provide them with an incentive for continued support in the future. You want as many customers as possible to follow you to a new location so let them know how much they’re appreciated and how things will improve from their perspective.

What should a business relocation letter contain?

At the minimum your letter should include the following elements in the following order:
• Company name and current mailing information
• Greeting Address
• The opening paragraph, including the downtime during the moving period including closure and re-open dates.
• Follow-up paragraph which states the benefits to the service you provide due to moving to a new location
• New contact information for after the move
• Current contact information that will not change
• Closing paragraph thanking customers for their past and continuing support
• Company / personal Signature
If your company has an in-house copywriter, it may be worth, getting them to write the copy to ensure the email matches your company’s tone.

Why are Business Relocations giving this advice? We’ve been in the business of moving businesses for long enough to recognise what makes a successful move. The more planning businesses tend to put into upgrading their location willing the bigger the payoffs can be. Business locations take care of moving all of the equipment and inventory you need running, so you can focus on retaining customers, and acquiring new ones. If you’re planning to move, your company’s location gets in touch with the pros at business relocations.

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