Business Relocations Launch in Wellington

Business Relocations Bank of New Zealand Service

Business Relocations continues to expand! Services expanded into Wellington to serve the Bank of New Zealand. BNZ has exclusively entrusted Business Relocations for all of their relocation and storage needs.

On behalf of BNZ, Business Relocations have developed an incredible bespoke service to meet their needs. They have created an innovative online photo inventory service that meticulously chronicles their entire collection of stored items. This allows them to navigate through all of their excess assets, so they can quickly make orders and put them to use across their locations.

For large clients like BNZ with offices across multiple locations in New Zealand, this solution could prove invaluable. It saves the company the unnecessary expense of purchasing items that they already own but were unable to put to use.

Business Relocations BNZ database also contains a detailed sheet of quality and defect issues for every individual item. This allows them to know with certainty the quality of the items they have stored and ensured there are no additional defects caused during relocation.

Business Relocations many corporate clients are extremely happy with the relocation and specialist services that have been provided for them. If your company could benefit from similar services bespoke suit particular needs, then don’t hesitate to enquire today. Or check out the services page to see if there is an option that suits you.

Why Some of the Largest Companies in New Zealand Choose Business Relocations.

It’s not just BNZ that has placed their trust in Business Relocations professional team of movers. Companies across New Zealand have been choosing them since 2001. Their expertise will save your business and your employees considerable time and trouble. With all of the proper equipment and extensive training Business Relocations can tackle considerably larger items of office furniture, faster and more safely than if you attempted the task yourself. If your company’s budget allows you to hire professional movers, then you should! It’s a worthwhile investment to ensure your belongings are moved between premises with efficiency and cares, letting you get back to business in no time.

Business Relocations have been looking after the commercial moving needs of New Zealand businesses since 2001. With over 70 years of combined relocations management experience, they pride themselves on the quality of service that they offer, getting your business operational again in the shortest time possible. To discover more about our company and how we could help you with your next office move, get in touch with us today either online or over the phone on 09 630 7329

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